Do you have your unique code?  Use it to purchase AdvancedPay Credits and qualify for the amazing deal that comes with it on your phone or desktop:
Text your code to 90738 
Enter your code at
(Sign in with your cell phone number if you have already purchased AdvancePay credits)


Can't find your code?

Help is at the bottom.  Scroll down!

What is AdvancePay?

AdvancePay is like giving yourself  a gift card! You have the opportunity to purchase a credit before picture day that you can apply to your order after picture day.  

Why would I want to pay early?  
AdvancePay credit ALWAYS comes with a special offer to discount your final order or include free shipping after picture day.  You're not locked into any package, you can use your AdvancePay credits towards any package or products after you see your child's photos. 

What if I have more than one kid getting photographed?
Any AdvancePay credits you purchase can be used towards all of your kids.  Even better, when you place your order, you can place ONE order for all of your kids.  

When you purchase AdvancePay credits, they are tied to your cell phone number so each player can have multiple credits associated with different family members.

Please do this!  I want everyone to get the promotion!


Step 1:
During the Week Before Picture Day

When you get your unique code, you will have the option to text your code to 90738 or go to to enter your code there.  Before your photos are ready, you'll get a special offer if you choose to buy AdvancePay credits. 


Step 2:
Picture Day

Make sure your child arrives on time and ready for photos.  If you or your child would like a buddy photo or a specific pose request, let your photographer know when it's your turn.  

That's it!  No order forms, no QR codes and no checks!


Step 3:
6-8 Weeks After Picture Day

My goal is always sooner!  Rest assured that I am working on these images every waking moment that I'm not driving my kids to baseball.  I don't want to shortcut the process because I truly care about the quality of the images because I'm a client too!  You are getting the kind of images that I want for myself.  

You'll receive an email or text announcing that your photos are ready and reminding you of the unique access code for your child's gallery.  Now when you go to or follow the text link if you opted in, you will see your kid's photos and any AdvancePay credit will automatically be applied to your cart.

If you choose to give PhotoDay permission to text you when your order ships, you can even track it right to your door!


Can't find your code?


Check these first:
1: Search your email or junk folder for Briar Marie Photography
2: On picture day ask us and we'll look it up at sign in.
3: Fill out the following form:  
For the best help, include the player first and last name, coach name, team name, and a phone number I can send a text message.  I'll send you a new email with your code as well as a text message to make sure it's getting through.

Need More Help?

Check out PhotoDay's helpful troubleshooting guide here: