June in Motion

Hello!  I have some lovely and exciting work to share today!   

For those not immersed in the photography world, a little vocabulary:

Fusion Film: a combination of still images and short clips set to music
Film: Still images that you develop in a dark room
Film: Also a set of short clips set to music (NO still images)

Why did the industry do this?!  So confusing.  
I think I'll make up a new name for it so if you have any recommendations, let me know :)  

Over the past year I've been honing my videography (film-making) skills.  You can see my first fusion film at this link:
          March Day in the Life 2016
I've come a long way since then (though I still love that one!)  You can see all of my films by clicking on Briar Marie Photography under any of my films on Vimeo.  

BUT, for my very first ever film (not a fusion film and not the kind of film that you develop in a dark room), follow the link below!  I do not currently have a package for this type of a session, but I'm considering adding it in.  

Please, I'd love feedback, recommendations, and requests on my facebook page.  At this time, I do not have a way to take comments on my website, but you can also email me if you prefer.  briar@briarmariephotography.com  Thank you!
Briar :)