Birthdays are Important

This is actually my first blog post, but I think we can jump right in like we've known each other forever, right?  If you've ever spent 5 minutes with me, you probably know me better than you would most people.  

I'm a talker.  It's actually because I'm a thinker on deep levels and I really really REALLY like to share my thoughts.  And understand the thoughts of everyone else.  
Welcome to my blog!  :)  

Anyway, I'm already off-topic!  This is about a film.  It's about life.  It's about a birthday party :)  

Someone once said to me: "After a while you only get everyone together at weddings and funerals. If you don't make an effort to be at all the weddings, that only leaves funerals." I don't remember who said might have even been in a movie.

But it really made an impression on me.

I do try to be at all the weddings and I'm very conscious and aware of each wedding I have missed.  And I am sad to say that I have missed weddings.  Sometimes life seems overwhelming and I let it convince me I can't make it work.  But shouldn't life be overwhelming with things like weddings and birthday parties instead of things like never missing a day of school or ::shudder:: sweeping floors?  

Certainly no one will ever accuse me of wasting my life cleaning my house :)

So this isn't a wedding, it's a birthday party, but the symbolism is the same. I want to spend my time being in the places and with the people that matter to me. I want my time to show what and who I value in my life. Sometimes that's getting all dolled up at a wedding and sometimes that's just setting up some camp chairs and playing backyard baseball. <3


David's Bday 2016 from Briar Jenstad on Vimeo.

If you enjoyed this, I encourage you to check out Juanita Haslett's Life in Motion film!  This post is part of a film blog circle and it's a great way to see the work of a few artists by following the links at the bottom like this one.  Enjoy!

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